The most important part of our entire process.  Gathering the information from you that will ultimately create you a digital masterpiece worthy of some water cooler gossip.  Without this I am free-balling, eyeing it, or flying blind.

Things that I will need to know:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the main goal of your website?  Attract leads? Sell products? Inform customers about your products?
  • What do you want your viewers to be able to do or see on your website?
  • What do you want your site to look like? Colours, feelings, layout ideas.  I’ll get you to send me a few links to other sites you like for ideas too.


Now we have an insight into why you need a website, who your audience are and what functions you need your new site to have.

We are able to map out a list of features, what we will need to accomplish that and work out a way we will achieve that.

I will present you with some options for different packages that will work for your website, your back pocket and your level of involvement after I have finished the project.

At this point we also need to:

  • Work out your Hosting & Support Options Install the website design framework
  • Plan for implementing the website content and functions you need.
  • Work out which plugins or apps we’ll need to make your site function the way you need it to.
  • Discuss SEO opportunities and plans to move forward


Now this is my kind of fun!

This part of the process is where you will begin to see our ideas take shape based on all our previous brain picking attempts.

We will work together in creating your new online presence and will be in contact regularly (so don’t plan a vacation just yet!)

We will present you with some design ideas to make sure we are all on the same page before proceeding to finalising your site.

I hope you have been working on your content! Because by this stage we really need it to present you with the best visual outcome.



The crux of all great website design weighs heavily on how usable it is for well…users. Making sure the links work, buttons go places and images look spiffy are part of the process.

We test the design on a various screen sizes to make sure its responsive across a wide range of devices.

Connect up your domain names, check your email is connected to the forms.

Give it a bit of spit and polish…


After your site is complete, you will need to know how to update content, add images and keep your SEO optimised.

We provide all our clients with 1 hour of training after launch.

This includes:

  • Accessing your site,
  • Introduction to your backend (hello there)
  • Getting Around
  • Editing Content
  • Uploading Images
  • Creating Pages & Posts.
  • Updating your plugins and keeping your site secure.

I also like to provide links to great resources including videos to help you learn more about editing your own site.

If you need more help on a regular basis, we offer maintenance plans which cover security, theme & plugin updates or editing content or both we can do this too…just ask about it.